Data analysis

Posted 3 months ago by Cyrus Bandani
Location: 75% Remote in Gothenburg
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Job Description

Husqvarna AB are looking for a Data analysis and code support in business data migration

Assignment description

You will work in the NG PLM program at Husqvarna in the area of data migration where they need tools to compile data from different source systems to support the team.


In the data migration from source system to TeamCenter, they will have many different source systems where they need to compile exported data to support the business and the migration team. The lists/exports are usually large and slightly different for each product group or functional area (e.g., Parts and E-BOM). Husqvarna needs to compile, for instance, five different exports into one and they believe Excel does not have that capability.


The suggestion is that Husqvarna gets support to code scripts to read the data as it is and compile it. The logic will be specified together with the architects. They work with multiple business data preparation teams and need a central resource to support them. They estimate the need to 100% FTE over at least six months.

  • The person will report to the Data migration Architect in the team
  • Will work directly with the business data migration team.
  • Follow-up meetings with architect at least weekly, with focus on Q&A.



  • Skilled in SQL, DotNet or Python to extract large datasets from various databases.
  • Understand Database relations through documentations.
  • Proactive and self-going personality to drive gap analysis together with the data migration team since it is not possible to provide detailed specifications upfront.