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Posted 8 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

We are looking for a structured and driven project manager.
He/She does not need to be knowledgeably and experienced in IT-technology or IT-security.Digital Security Improvement Program (DSIP) is a program started by our clients owner Q4 2021 with the intention to elevate the cyber security maturity on all companies in the Group.
The program consists of 6 projects (Streams).With different targets each year, and with different deliverables for the companies in the group depending on their status and risks. The program and the projects are approved by Group functions and there is a budget for resources and investments to be able to deliver the deliverables. To be able to structure and follow up the projects, we need to establish the same program and project structure as the “main” program.

Top Skills
Document the projects
Work with program management (Group functions) to set timelines for the different deliverables.
Resource allocated (internal and external) the projects and deliverables
Drive and follow up project deliverable and timeline.
Financial and time management
Change management and communicationDigital security improvement program was approved 2021 by the Group board of directors.
Sponsor The goal is to Accelerate the journey at the Group functions towards digital security maturity.
The Group functions is going towards a more digital company and the threats Intellectual theft and Ransomware is greater then ever for companies today. Making it extremely important to safeguard information and be able to handle severe IT-incidents if they accure.