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Posted 6 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

We are looking for an IT Security Architect for our client.
Our client overall digital Security organization is structured in a centralized Group Digital Security organization and decentralized Business Area organizations, each with their own setup. Within Group Functions IT (GFIT) we provide end-to-end delivery of IT services, including Digital Security aspects, where we assure that all services and products meet the IT Security controls as defined in our Information Security policies and procedures. We add a hands on tactical and operational support to the strategic foundation provided by the CIO Office and CISO Function. Our Digital Security services are based on the clients Infrastructure and Technology Services technical platform, with individual customization where needed. Now we are looking to add an IT Security Architect to our team, where the primary work tasks and responsibilities will be to contribute to- and assure:

Adherence to Group security frameworks, methodology and systems
Assess and ensure that Group Function specific systems meet expected security architecture
Ensure Group mandatory security services are implemented

Personal requirements
Team player that easily adopts to different business needs and work teams.
Good communicator, connecting actions and designs with requirements.
Positive and active attitude, outlining solutions to small and large challenges, driving the work, assuring progress.

Typical work tasks could include many of the below examples, additional tasks not excluded.
Get a complete picture of technology landscape and information systems primarily focusing on different Group Functions.
Need to be engaged in different project based initiatives (primarily focusing on different Group Functions) where one needs to think like a hacker and find loopholes or weaknesses in the system that can put the entire network or internal security in jeopardy.
For all IT initiatives, one has to plan, investigate, and build reliable, powerful, and flexible security architectures.
Need to test and ensure that the organization’s final security mechanisms work as expected and following the standard without any deviation.
Responsible for organizing Planned IT/Data Security Audits for all applications within Group Functions.
Responsible for conducting ITSA (IT Security Assessment), CAIQ (Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire), etc, for any new and existing Projects/initiatives.

Need to participate in relevant Security forums by representing Group Functions to maintain the synergies within entire organization.
To be responsible for delivering towards Group Function for all requirements related to common IT Security Improvement initiatives within the company.
Need to prepare the cost estimates and other potential integration concerns for all cybersecurity measures.
Need to have strong Cloud IT Security knowledge covering all major cloud providers (Azure, GCP, AWS etc) including Kubernetes/Microservices/Low Code Platform, etc. Also need to have thorough knowledge on Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).
One has to perform penetration tests, vulnerability testing, including risk analysis, and security assessments, on the complete infrastructure (on-prem/Cloud) for new Project initiatives or existing ones focusing Group Functions Applications.
Need to investigate the latest security standards, recent security systems, and renewed authentication protocols.
Need to establish a mechanism to measure and make sure that all workers follow the necessary common and standard corporate security policies and procedures that are defined, developed, implemented, and maintained for a seamless workflow.
Also responsible for providing security personnel with technical guidance and supervision.
Need to take leadership of any security awareness campaigns and training activities aimed at non-IT workers in order to better equip them.
Need to quickly respond to any security-related issues (e.g., data breaches, viruses, phishing scams) and give a thorough post-event study once the situation has been resolved.
Need to update and upgrade the organization’s security systems when required.
To be responsible for creating standards and guard-rails for all IT assets primarily hosted on different Clouds, such as routers, firewalls, vLANs, SDWANs, VPNs, NSGs, EPP, and other virtual network devices. Also need to determine their efficacy and efficiency.
Need to ensure that all firewalls, VPNs, routers, servers, and IDS scanning technologies are reviewed and approved before installation.
Need to design Critical Public Infrastructures (PKIs), such as Digital Signatures and Certification Authorities (CA).
Participation and representation in relevant IT Security Forums, e.g: Cybersecurity Advisory Board, IT Security Compliance Officer Meeting Additional meritorious qualifications: Preferably having CompTIA CySA+ or CASP+ Certification, also having 10 to 15 years of experience in the similar kind of role