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Posted 6 days ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

The planning area within the Selling sub-domain is building up a new team for the favorite product and is now looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to join the team. Essential skills to be a part of our team is to be driven, humble, team player, wants to contribute and like challenges. Today’s scope of the planning area is 2 products that helps our customers plan their shopping by creating gift registries and favorite lists. The goal for the area from a backend perspective is to build a new List service that all products that has lists can utilize. The List service will ensure that the customer’s list data is available any ware they want at any time. We are still in the investigation phase of this service and the assignment will include bringing in fresh ideas on how we can solve this challenge. At the same time as we build this new service, we will also maintain the current backend solution.

The scope of the consultant services is to assist in
As a team member, you will work with the building, testing, running and supporting the software.
We work to find the best planning experience for the customer and get a longer-lasting relationship with them.
A big focus will be to create a List service to suit our many consumers while maintaining our current product.
The list service will be an API that all the different clients use to get the customer’s list data. If the customer adds something to their list in the app, they should be able to see it instantly in a co-worker tool when the customer calls for support.
We work according to the DevOps model, which means that the whole team is responsible for ensuring that we deliver what the customer wants and need, but also make sure that the software is of good quality, safe, perform good etc. We are responsible for the development, testing, infrastructure, maintenance, support, monitoring etc. of our product. We aim to simplify as much of our work as possible so we automate everything that is valuable to automate.

The current solution is written in Golang, which will be a required skill. The language for the new service has not been decided so like to see that the consultant has experience in more languages and a will to try new things.

Our product was a Service Level 1 product which means that it requires 24/7 support. 24/7 support means that the team had on-call support on weekends and evenings. The goal is to change it back to be service level 1 in June 2023. Each team member will have to work with on-call support every 5:th week.

Top Skills
Github actions
Testing (Unit test, integration test, etc.)
Cloud (GCP or similar)
Agile WoW