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Posted 12 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

Are you interested in creating next level interactive experiences?
Are you a developer who loves prototyping and working on exciting projects with short lead times?

For our client we are currently recruiting a Lead Unity Developer with strong expertise in computer graphics development, a primary focus on Unity based development (C#) and previous experience of developing games or apps within Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints).

You will be working in a close-knit multi-disciplinary team consisting of 3D artists, game programmers and engineers creating immersive interactive experiences based on the latest sensor and display technologies from the client.

The team develops interactive experiences for a wide range of environments such as 360-degree projection rooms, large-scale LED and projection walls as well as AR and VR headsets. Their experiences can be seen in public spaces such as airports, stores etc. and is frequently used to promote some of the most well-known IPs in theaters as well as on red-carpet events.

In the role as Unity Developer, you will be responsible for imagining new concepts and experimenting with mixed reality experiences, creating prototypes within Unity and evaluating them. The role will allow for creative independence, giving you the freedom to realize your own ideas and find your own approach to solving problems. Since the role requires physical testing, you should be comfortable working with hardware and performing tasks such as swapping out PC components, recalibrating sensors and rerouting cables.

10+ years of graphics-oriented development.
Experience working with Adobe Suite such as Photoshop, After Effects etc
Previous experience of developing games or apps within Unreal Engine
Experience in VR/AR development.
Artistically as well as technically inclined.
Ability to travel at least 2 weeks per year.

Top Skills
Extensive knowledge of creating games in Unity
Proficient C# programmer
Ability to create and develop effects that wow our customers
Good understanding of interaction design and user experience
A good understanding of real time graphics, performance and optimizing content.
Adaptable to a fast and frequently changing work environment.
Creative mind – Brings exciting ideas and new ways to wow people.
Always striving for perfection – Loves to “turn every stone”.
An eye for both details and able to see the full picture.
Likes problem solving and has an ability to think creatively and resolve technical challenges.
Excellent communication skills (English), on both a technical and creative basis.