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Posted 2 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

The Interior design service exists currently in 28 countries.
For the majority of the customers in each market the service is offered in a physical meeting point or remotely in local country language or English. While that covers the majority of customers, we have seen a group of customers outside the current offer, immigrant customers that are not 100% comfortable with neither local language or English, but would prefer their “mother language” to enable them to have a good service.

E.g. A German retired couple, living in south of Spain, with low level of Spanish and English, but with a Interior design service need. Would maybe prefer to have the service remotely with the German Interior design service, planning with the Spanish article range, and purchase the articles in Spain. As the service is exists in many different languages globally, could we take use that benefit, and offer the service in all languages, remotely for all countries. And would this be interesting for our customers? Would it also be interesting for customers to decide on a specific Interior design market e.g. if a Chinese customer would like to experience having a Scandinavian Interior designer planning their room, or a swedish café owner would like to have an Italian Interior designer planning the coffee bar in Italian style.

Perform a desirability study for a sample of 10 markets, to understand the interest for customers in having the Interior design service available in more languages.
To understand if language barriers are preventing some customer groups from utilizing the service.
Understand if a remote service would be sufficient channel, when performed in desired language.
Understand if being able to book a specific interior designer (from a specific market e.g. Italian Interior designer) would be interesting and desired for customers.
Understand what price level customers would be willing to pay for this additional service offer.
Understand if there are other important factors for customers to book the service e.g. available slots in weekends, late evenings etc.

Ability to collect, substantiate and analyse customer information and derive conclusions.
Expert knowledge in customer survey and research.

Top Skills
1. Customer desirability survey experience
2. Global reach