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Posted 2 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

We are establishing a new format to drive development and enhancements of
organization, processes, and business technology.
The setup is built around a framework of End2End Business ownership of our different parts of the customer journey: Supply, Explore & Learn, Sig up or buy, Usage, Maintain mobility, Switch mobility offer.

Within the Usage area we are searching for a team of consultants to lead and/or
coordinate the internal cross functional teams that are driving business improvements.
The Usage phase is divided into the areas Connectivity, Car Sharing, Payments,
Additional payments and Contract management. This RFQ is 1 Project lead.

Project overview
We are searching for three project leads in total, one for Additional payment, one for
Contract Management and one for Postal services.

As a project lead you will lead and coordinate the work in the cross functional team
consisting of project team members from various parts of the organization.

1. Additional payments.
In this stream we are securing that the right customer pays the right parking ticket, speeding ticket or congesting fee.
The current back log is big and there are not sufficient operational processes and tools to manage.
2. Contact management.
In this stream we are securing that we can end contracts and
manage all sub processes that are involved in the termination of a contract.
We will also secure processes for managing miss use of service and proactive termination of
customer contract + the GDPR processes access to data and deletion.
3. Postal services.
As owners of thousounds of thousands of car in multiple European
countries we are daily receiving hundreds of letters from authorities, law enforcement
agencies and similar. These letters need to be managed in a swift and secure manner.