Junior Embedded Software Engineer

Posted 8 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

We imagine that our friends, families, and children are transported in a personal, sustainable and safe way.
What we build is a self-driving, fully electric, connected, and super safe Volvo Car.

But the current platform makes it impossible for us to have the control that we need to succeed. The overall technical threshold is that the +140 electric components in the car do not communicate the way we want it to.

Therefore, we build a new platform. The brain in this platform will be a Core Computer with the capacity to carry a vast majority of electric control units and applications in the car. This new centralized signal system aims to enable optimized software architecture and continuous deployment for further development as well as over the air data updates and real-time decision-making for autonomous drive. We imagine the Robotaxi.

About our R&D – Platform Software Services
Our R&D are newly assigned by a team of SW Engineers with both a holistic understanding of SW architecture and commitment to details and quality code. We are responsible for governing API and application architecture for the software in the Electric Control Units. We set deliverables, frameworks, patterns, and policies that are fundamental for other development teams to build with consensus as well as acting back-up by working together with teams to succeed with development and integration. We are eager and ready to welcome a few junior team members and are prepared with mentors and onboarding.

Role description
We are honored by the central responsibility that we have been entrusted and are thrilled by its technical challenges. We are now looking forward to welcoming new colleagues with responsibility for advising and supporting other teams in Volvo Cars who get stuck when building applications. In our teams you will soon become a software engineer who can work through all phases of software development. You will design, build, test and integrate applications and consult to build aligned with deliverables and deadlines. We have a clear vision of where we are heading with our new core system platform, but there are a lot of technical and architectural decisions to be made, that’s where we need your contribution.

Top Skills
We believe you just graduated from BSc or MSc in Computer Science and aspire to be a professional Embedded Software Engineer who is motivated by challenging tasks in a complex and innovative environment. Needless to say- technology is your real passion. You enjoy learning from others, as well as, sharing your knowledge with your colleagues. You are fluent in English and can communicate effectively with all types of stakeholders. You are analytical and a problem-solver – aware of that there are multiple solutions for a problem. The challenge is to find the most suitable. Most of our development is MW with C++. Professional experience or hobby project with C/C++, Python in a Linux environment is considered a plus.