JAVA Developers – Kubernetes

Posted 3 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

The purpose of the role is to develop and maintain products (units, nodes, networks, systems and solutions). Includes all development activities (requirement analysis, system design, architecture design, hardware design, software design, integration, verification, simulations, tools design, PLM support, product documentation).

The consultants will strengthen the existing development teams and work together with employees and current consultants. The focus is on continuing to develop the EDA product and support the client´s 5G Cloud native acceleration. The team plans their own work where, in addition to development, they are also responsible for TR and CI tasks part of their time.

The client is looking for experienced backend consultants in the areas below, extra experience in something / some areas like Kubernetes is definitely an extra plus.

Merit skills
Scala – all new functionality in EDA is written in the program language Scala
Python – Is the scripting language used in EDA
Cassandra – Is the database used in EDA
ZooKeeper – Is EDA’s configuration database
Maven and SBT – Building instructions are defined in these techniques (Java-? Maven, Scala-? SBT)
Docker – All EDA modules / micro services are packaged as Docker images
Kubernetes – Is the cloud technology that EDA is based on
Helm Chart – Technology for deployment specification used by EDA
IntelliJ – Is the development environment
Jira – The planning tool used by the teams

Top Skills
Java – Most of EDA’s legacy code is written in Java
Linux – EDA runs in a Linux environment and it is quite often necessary to be able to interact with the operating system.