Communication Specialist and Technical Writer

Posted 3 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

3D strategic initiative at the company leads the 3D agenda and works with the areas like 3D standards, ways of working, pipelines, etc. We are looking for a Communication specialist and technical writer to help us with internal communication, as well as writing technical documentation, such as standards, guidelines, etc.

Merit skills
Excellent writing skills and competence in technical writing, as well as non-technical writing. All communication/documentation will be in English.
Ability to create communication based on the needs of the target audience: simplify complex topics and create engaging and understandable communication for wider audience, as well as create technical documents targeted at specialist.
Understanding what level of details and language is required for different target audience.
Some level of 3D understanding could be beneficial but is not necessary.
Good communication skills, willing to cooperate with colleagues and work with cross-functional teams, flexibility and willing to learn.

Top Skills
Communication specialist and technical writer will carry out the following tasks:
Create internal communication, such as newsletters, department progress reports/updates, communication with the stakeholders. The main goal is to communicate the complex technical topics in a simple and engaging manner that the stakeholders can understand.
Create technical documentation, such as standards and guidelines, based on the input from the subject matter experts. The main goal is to communicate technical information in a pedagogic and straight-forward manner that the technical specialist can follow in their daily work.