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Posted 1 month ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

An advanced software developer and research engineer within data engineering, cloud computing and software systems, e.g. Kubernetes, OpenNebula, Ceph cluster or GPU clusters, that will primarily work with projects in an international context, software platforms and services for companies in data processing, AI and edge systems and development of new ideas for distributed software systems. For these areas, the advanced software developer will work with development in innovation and research projects in data services, data analysis and IT software systems.

Our clients ICE Data center unit is growing and they are now looking for an experienced data platform engineer-researcher or software developer with an interest in data engineering and cloud computing continium from the central datacenter to the network edge and devices and who are ready to take a role as an advanced software developer at 80% of full time.

Usual tasks
Develop the company ICE Datacenter and data platform offering by working with development of ICE infrastructure and information systems.
Experimentally develop cloud computing, data engineering and software systems in projects together with colleagues.
Together with the ICE Datacenter team develop new ideas and put them into practice.
Work with international contacts to develop company ICE services and projects.

As a software developer with our client, they believe that the consultant is a passionate and solution-oriented person who likes to take on new opportunities. As the role involves contact with customers, international partners and other stakeholders, our client believe that you thrive in social contexts and like to transform ideas into practical use and understanding..

Top Skills
The consultant has a minimum of a master’s degree in computer science engineering or equivalent, with a focus on edge, AI, software and IT systems.
Our client is positive if you have a PhD degree.

The cadidate has many years (15+) of work experience in product and software development.
As the partners are both in and outside Sweden, our client see that you have a good ability to express yourself in speech and writing in both Swedish and English.