Senior Project manager to lead the Project Cost Management

Posted 11 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Our program orbital is looking for at Senior Project manager to lead the Project Cost Management.
Good understanding of construction project and their cost management is a merit.

The main purpose of this initiative is to be able to deliver reliable cost estimates from early phase on and use it as basis for the project budget and for efficient design and project management and cost control.

Quantity management is also key for design and change management and for effective sourcing. It will also give better transparency in budgets making it easier for project management and for decision makers in e.g., tender approvals. To do this we need new IT-tools for cost estimation, change management and cost control that replaces the ones we are using today.Background – need for change
Because of the upcoming digital transformation, NCC will need to modernize/replace many of our applications supporting our construction projects. Within cost estimation and cost control there is no unified way of working which makes it difficult to give transparency in budget and decision making.Clear cost break down structure must be in balance with work break down structure.
This would then be an enabler for good design-, production-, purchasing- and cost management.
Besides of end-cost forecast also production value and planned time situation could generate a clearer picture of the project already from the start.
Digitalized VDC-designs gives an automatic quantity surveying with locations that takes change management and sourcing to a total new level.Expected benefit in one sentence:
Quantity and resource-based time and production planning gives sound basis for reliable cost estimates, design-, change-, sourcing- and project management and cost control with real time productivity and reliable forecasting.

Top Skills
On improved resource&cost estimation:
More efficient WoW
More accurate resource and cost estimates
Better information flow and accessibility
Reduced risk
Earlier planning
Better hit-rate
More accurate cost and time estimates
Improved purchase and production foundation – Decreased cost
Less time-consuming design iteration and planning including decision plan for customerOn improved project cost control&product QA
Increased revenue
Reduced time for deviation management
Reduced risk
Knowledge database
More efficient handling of QAOn enabling prizing based on customer values
Increased margins
Reduced time in pricingI
Increased quality leading to reduced riskChallenge risk
Dependencies to several other project e.g., Unrivaled Cost Management and Core Finans
The benefits will not be fully achieved until all BA’s have implemented new way of working
Resistance to change is expected to be high within the organization
Risk of scope expanding