IT Project Manager – Finance

Posted 5 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

The reporting unite in our client is currently using an old system eMatch/GIPS to handle reconciliation of group internal invoices and netting which is a crucial financial process worldwide. The platform is out of support and further development is not possible in the current solution and that’s why we have taken the decision to roll out Coprocess which is a well-known tool to mitigate this technical risk

Project Management
Responsible for formulating a plan to meet the objectives of the project while adhering to an approved budget and timeline. Formulate the scope of the project, resources necessary to complete it, anticipated time and financial requirements, strategy for communication among relevant stakeholders, plan for execution and documentation, and proposal for follow-up and maintenance.

Assemble and lead the project team.
Assign tasks, set deadlines, follow up regularly with the members.
Responsible for resolving time & scope deviations, and communicate effectively with team members and other stakeholders to ensure the project gets back on track.
Actively work with risk management and contingency planning to continue moving forward even when roadblocks occur.
Form a budget and stay close to it as possible. Responsible for following up time reporting and cost, moderating the spend and keep the Project Steering Group informed and seek help when required.
Manage dependencies with other projects and initiatives. Collaborate with different delivery and competence centers in a multi-supplier and multi-culture environment.
Participate in and supervise successful execution and implementation of defined deliveries. Ensure frequent and open communication with the project team members and stakeholders.
Adhere to Company GIS processes and reporting tools. Make sure that all mandatory documents are approved and signed off on, and that these documents are archived for future reference.

Change Management
Define and drive Change Impact Analysis within organization.
Responsible to define appropriate mitigation strategies to minimize business impact.
Support the organization in developing and executing the Change Management plans to drive adoption and deliver measurable business value.
Responsible for Stakeholder analysis and driving stakeholder management. Communicating effectively and collaborating at all levels within organization
Merit skills
Netting or reconciliation; Standard software implementation; System integration
Leading virtual project teams

Top Skills
Validating and Verifying Requirements – Making sure that the requirements map to the business need to be addressed, they are approved by all the appropriate stakeholders and that they meet with relevant quality standards.
Analyze Requirements – Organizing, specifying and modelling the requirements to ensure they are complete and unambiguous. Specifying Requirements – Ensuring that the documentation of the requirements is in a layout and format that can be easily shared with and understood by stakeholders.
Responsible for Elicitation – Uncover the underlying business issues that need to be addressed and discover any information related to the project.
Test Management: Responsible for coordinating and managing all testing activities during every test stage such as prepare, execute, UAT to obtain acceptance sign-off etc.