Embedded Software Application Engineer

Posted 4 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

As a developer in the HIL rig team which provide test environment and test tools to other development teams, you are responsible for development of HIL rigs on component level and system level as well as corresponding tool chain infrastructure:
Design and develop HIL rigs either in-house development or develop with supplier like dSPACE, Vector,and NI
Integrate simulation models to HIL rigs, like sensor model, virtual ECU and vehicle model
Support product development teams’ needs corresponding to feature growth and test suit development
Manual or automated testing in HIL rigs and maintain HIL rigs Competencies

Top Skills
 Experience of HIL development in HIL rigs, simulation tools and test automation tools from either dSpace, Vector, or NI
 Good knowledge of equipment for electronics system or component testing (CANoe, CANalyzer, etc.)
 Experience in function testing, fault injection testing and fault tracing in HIL rigs
 Experience in Linux, Python, C++, Docker, Windows automaton Seen as a merit:
 Experience in CI/CD, Gitlab, Jenkins
 Knowledge of network and communication protocols like IP, DDS, ROS, gRPC
 Experience in test automation framework development
 HIL environment maintenance using Ansible
 Knowledge of Agile SW development way of working
 Experience in plant modelling and model integration, FMU/FMI interface
 Knowledge of perception sensors for autonomous driving such as lidar, radar and camera
 Verification engineer experience Formal requirement:
 MSc in Physics Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics, or equivalent.
Operational responsibility for the team delivery. Deliver according to defined methods, expected inputs and outputs.
Lead system engineering in a technical team and play an active role in the delivery.
Drive the work from an operational and short-term perspective. Integrate deliveries from others.
Responsibility for securing quality and readiness before release.