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Posted 2 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

In this role, you are responsible for designing market-leading User Interfaces and Experiences in our cars.
You will challenge the way our users interact with and use the car and apply systems thinking to information
and experience design to find new ways to engage both driver and passengers through our digital touchpoints
along a user journey.
You will participate throughout the entire design process, from inspiration and research to building digital prototypes and communicating the vision for the in-car digital experiences. Together with a team, you contribute to the development, evaluation and documentation of novel, multi-modal interaction concepts and information architectures for digital touch points, infotainment, driver information and telematics.
You collaborate on designing, running, and testing new solutions through experiments and prototypes at
varying levels of fidelity.
From visual storytelling, wireframing, click-through prototypes and animations to functional interactive prototypes.
You systematically ensure that concepts are coherent, satisfy user needs and expectations, understand user pain points as well as meeting safety and regulatory requirements, and minimize driver distraction.
To create new opportunities, you will explore and identify focus areas for user research, selecting appropriate
research methodologies, and synthesize user research results into actionable insights for iterative concept development.
You will work within the HMI Design department, a true cross-functional team where inter-disciplinary focus, curiosity and drive are highly valued.
We work in close collaboration with all other design departments, as well as with Engineering and Marketing, to shape the mobility experience of the future.

Top Skills
Bachelor’s degree in Interaction design, human factors, human computer interaction, or related field.
Or equivalent education.
We are looking for the combination of this disciplines. New inter-disciplinary programs are of interest.
Minimum 2 years of experience designing across multiple platforms
Experience from collaborating with multidisciplinary teams of designers, researchers, engineers,
strategists and product managers throughout the design process
Experience of building digital mockups, prototypes, or proof-of-concepts
Portfolio highlighting projects that demonstrate experience in crafting digital or physical user
interfaces with a range of interaction models, as well as personal technical skillset.

Master’s degree in Interaction design, human factors, human computer interaction or related field
Prior experience in developing interfaces to meet safety/driver distraction standards
Previous experience developing interfaces/interactions for high-workload dynamic environments (e.g.
vehicles, aircraft)
Experience of moderating brainstorming and ideation sessions
Understanding of web development languages
Understanding of prototyping HW such as Arduino & Raspberry Pi
Motion (After Effects, Premiere) and 3D softwares (Blender, VRED)

Personal attributes
Ability to drive, motivate and convince
Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills, able to drive concepts and ideas
Persistency to pursue targets and take decisions
Creative problem solver, passionate to work on complex challenges
Ability to manage competing project priorities and constraints
Structured, methodical, and analytical with good planning skills.
Highly motivated, flexible, and able to work under constrained time schedules
Cultural awareness, especially Asian and European culture

Additional information
Travels to Asia may be needed (approx. 1-2 per year).
Each individual in our team has a high level of responsibility and mandate and is expected to be able
to work autonomously.
Fluent in English, spoken and written
Driver’s license