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Posted 6 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

In the new domain of digital key and approach the phone will become the primary key for your car.
This will of course in turn make it crucial that quality and stability is top notch. Are you a tech savvy tester with a long background in performing tests and planning test activities, is a person who can see the big picture and dig into end-to-end testcases and really enjoys adding quality on a solution level then read further and see the fantastic possibilities in this role.

As a Tester you will work close with development teams including the current team of testers. You will be performing testing of embedded software with automated testing included in the CI. The system is built on embedded software, hardware and wireless connecting to cloud. And yes Volvo Cars will test on real mobile devices and cars as well. The test scenarios are… well you tell if you are up for it. They have not even talked about the approach scenarios which will be the next fun part in development. This role is a core competence in the future team build and you can expect a lot of fun in journey towards the connected experience. The role might include traveling so this should be expected.

You and your background
You are an experienced tester with at least 5-10 years of experience in similar roles.
They see that you have a background as manual tester both on hardware as well as software since this will be part of the tasks. They also would like to hear from you the benefit of automation.

Volvo Cars sees that you have relevant education in test and at the same time really think that exploratory testing is an important way forward. The field of development is very tech heavy but the test cases also need to be based in user experience.
This role is challenging and rewarding. You will need to be structured in very firm way and also be able to execute on test plans and be able to meet deadlines.

In particular, you will work with the following tasks
Test case execution
Result documentation
Test rig setup and testing
Knowledge and interest in automated testing and CI
Programming knowledge for creating automated tests
Practical background as manual tester
Knowledge about security
Being part of the change ahead

Personal qualities
Have a maticulous attitude
Have sense of time and being goal oriented
Good communication skills; the ability to share results verbally as well as in writing in a clear, concise manner to both technical specialists and people without technical knowledge
Strong collaboration skills
Structured and analytical way of taking on tasks and performing on a daily basis in a result oriented way.