System Technician SCCM

Posted 5 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

Our client is looking for a developer to work with an upgrade project at their customer’s company, which works with IT Infrastructure. Our client believe that you have a background of working with System Maintenance or similar and knowledge of systems such as Wm Ware, Windows and Azure.

Top Skills
Strong knowledge of the end-to-end process of OSD and be capable of configuring OSD in a dynamic manner that can create flexibility in the deployment process.
PowerShell /scripting knowledge.
Experience managing SCCM collections, packages, applications, drivers, task sequences and images.
Experience deploying software and images to systems in an Enterprise environment.
Experience troubleshooting SCCM deployment failures, task sequence problems, OSD errors and SCCM components errors.
Experience in In-place upgrades on Windows 10.
Ability to use OSD to perform PXE initiated, multicast, bootable media, stand-alone media and pre-staged media deployments.
Knowledge within the WaaS area including LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel).
Strong technical knowledge about Intune both from a design, development and deployment point of view