System Engineer New Development

Posted 3 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

At Core System Platform we are building a computer-in-the-car architecture – key for enabling innovation within areas such as advanced connectivity, machine learning and autonomous drive.
Our mission is to create a Vehicle Control Unit platform using new technologies like driveOS and NVidia’s latest chip technology in combination with more traditional car signaling technologies.
We are dedicated to delivering platform functions simplifying application development to create a safe, reliable and secure platform solution for increased innovation and speed.
Together with your team you will support the developers with debugging and analysis of problems that occur in the system.
We would wish for you to who have a keen interest in modern SW development as well as a passion for solving problems together with and through others. You have strong customer focus, enjoys the possibility to influence and you love to be part of a team where we take own initiatives and take pride in your own and the team’s deliveries.
To be successful in this job we believe that you have extensive experience from analyzing, troubleshooting and debugging problems in a complex software system.

Experience in cmake, compilers, valgrind, polyspace, multi CPU systems are valuble experiences Working with CI/CD pipelines and Momentix/QNX is considered meriting. Senior socially to be able to hand over, work together and educate teams. Placement in Lund or Gothenburg.

Top Skills
Low-level debugging of embedded systems
Lauterbach and similar tools
C++, C and Python