Release Train Engineer (RTE) SAFe

Posted 1 month ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

We are now looking to recruit a consultant that will work as a delivery coordinator / RTE (SAFe) to support the electrical and software architecture organization and management team. We are now taking the next step in our journey towards a more lean/agile way of working and will require this type of competence to ensure good flow of deliveries and positive team feeling.

We believe that it’s the right person, and personality, that will help our teams succeed in this transformation.
You will be working with the management team, our lead architect and our department PM in leading the organization in securing deliveries and transforming the way of working.
During the first phase the work will consist of joining our current agile program for our architecture development, but gradually phasing over the way of working to the line organization, ensuring that all roles know what to do and what we are delivering, as a team, towards our commitments.
Your new colleagues
You will be part of the management team where we encourage having fun at work and where we believe in the power of teamwork.
Our department, Electrical and Software Architecture is a function within Global Product Development, develop bus unique solutions when needed. We are responsible to secure short- and long-term quality solutions on the electrical and software systems of the bus.
In close cooperation with colleagues at different departments, we are supporting each other in reaching our mission in helping millions of travellers reaching their travel destination.
All over the World. Every day.

Top Skills
You should have experience working as an RTE and building up and agile way of working within an organisation that has worked in more traditional ways. You are used to working with different teams, coordinating work across different competences to ensure that the right end result is delivered. You are a strong communicator and someone that brings positive energy to the group. We believe it is the right mind-set that will make a difference within our organization and our company. If you see yourself as a person that is taking initiative, building networks and always learning new things, while thriving in a relaxed social environment, then we believe you have the right attitude to be successful in this position.