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Posted 11 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Business Operations Manager 
We believe the car is the next great technology platform with the impact to change humanity for generations.
At Volvo-CSP (Commercial Solutions Platform), we are working on some of automotive’s most challenging and exciting initiatives such as mobility, connected cars and digital services.
We’re hiring people who want to solve some of today’s most complex engineering challenges while making a positive impact.
Best of both worlds The CSP group originated from Luxe, which was a startup that was acquired by Volvo.
We have maintained our fast, nimble culture while adding the resources and scale of Volvo.
The technology you build will be in the hands of millions of Volvo owners and cars worldwide.
We are looking for a skilled Business Operations Manager who believes in our values and mission, and is passionate about scaling great products.

“We believe…”
in radical truth and transparency. Sharing information more broadly, means everyone can make better decisions. Constantly seeking the truth through hard facts and data leads to generally more optimal outcomes.
in having very high standards and taking great pride in our work.
in working hard and with purpose. Everything should be tied back to a deeper goal.
in having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.
in enjoying each other’s company. We welcome those with diverse backgrounds and
experiences, however there is shared commonality in our values that bind us as friends
and colleagues.
that no one is above the company — ever.
in thinking and acting like an owner. Owners think about things holistically and
proactively do what is necessary to achieve success. They own their outcomes and never brush away issues even if it’s not in their direct domain.

Our Business Operations team is essential for executing strategic initiatives, ensuring successful product launches, and driving alignment across teams.
We continually look for new opportunities to create value while refining our approach with each new market and product.
You will be responsible for increasing adoption and usage of the product with our partners.
This will involve regular discussions to help push them to achieve the most value from our offering. It could entail unblocking obstacles to growth or listening in on a market’s needs for product development.
You will also work closely with our product team and share insights to help inform the evolution of our product offering.
Listen, feedback & prioritize​:​You will be maintaining and nurturing the relationships with the market representatives in aspects covering their program related product platform. You will find a suitable cadence with the representative and gather input on their asks for product development to make them even more successful.
Communicator of product development​:​You will ​stay in the loop on product development in order to communicate back to markets and help surface priorities.
Increase usage​:​You will work with the representative in the market on reaching the usage KPIs set by the product owner.
Share learnings​:​You will share best practices in one market and localize that to relevant markets to help in usage.
Gather insights on product development:​ ​You​​will be assisting the product team in collecting feedback on “to-be”- and “have-been”-released features to make sure of functionality across the many markets.

Top Skills
​You must be ready to solve issues and support the users of the product.
The support not only covers the launched Volvo retailers, but also the sister brands representatives in the market. Required Skills
Operations Experience​: You have 4+ years of operations and project management, preferably working closely with product teams to launch and scale new products.
Strong Decision-Making Skills​: You have a focus on data-driven decision making,
exercising good judgement in ambiguous circumstances, and effectively communicating
those decisions across a diverse team.
Empathy​ You have your finger on the pulse of customers in your markets so that you
always examine problems from the customer’s perspective.
Excellent Interpersonal Skills​: You have the ability to excel in building relationships
across all different parts of the ecosystem from our colleagues in HQ to staff at retailers.
Self-Motivated​: You are a true self-starter that is energetic, resourceful, and driven. You
are eager to take ownership of tasks to ensure the most value is created.
Clear Communicator​: You are a clear and concise communicator with the ability to
synthesize a lot of information quickly and highlight the key insights.