Process & IT Project Manager – Data Migration Lead

Posted 8 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

As the Data Migration Lead for Project X you will plan, coordinate and lead the data migration area within the project. Project X will replace all global and local People Management databases with a new cloud based (SaaS) HRM application for 57 countries in the Volvo Group.
As part of the first release all existing people data that will be used in the future will have to be migrated from the old systems to the new one.
It is often sensitive people data that is critical for performing for example payroll.
This will be a large and highly important part of the implementation of the new HRM cloud solution.
To your help you will have a global data migration core team as well as local data migration experts/responsibles in each of the 57 local country teams. You are part of the project management team and you and your team will have a strong connection to both the integration team and the business transformation and solution team. You will be responsible for planning, coordinating, following up and leading all data migration activities in the project.
You will work very closely together with the implementation partner data migration lead, that will bring their entire data migration capacity and expertise into your team.
You report to the CPM.
We are looking for a person with experience from leading data migration operations in people management system environments.
This has to be a structured person with strong project management skills and a good knowledge about the data migration topic.

Top Skills
To plan, organize, coordinate and lead the the data migration operations in Project X
To follow-up on made plans and report status and progress to CPM and Head of PMO
To operationally lead the work within the Data Migration team
To coordinate the data migration activities being performed within the local country teams Competence/Skills
Extensive knowledge and experience from the data migration area – experience from data migration within the HR area is qualifying
Good project management skills
Experience from having lead IT projects or data migration projects
Experience from having worked in agile projects
Structured person
Fluent in English speaking and writing