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Posted 1 month ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

The primary purpose of the application is to transform UDP (RADIUS & CoAP) traffic to HTTP (REST) which is then sent on to the primary IoT-product.
The application has a microservice architecture where the communication is done over Protobuf.
Two of the services included in the application expose interfaces with UDP (Radius & CoAP).
The application is deployed on AWS in a VPC cluster with manually configured EC2:s.
A test environment is deployed using CI/CD.
A Postgres database is used to register IoT devices, allocate IP-addresses to the devices (using Radius) and intermediately store messages from the devices to the IoT-product.

Top Skills
Golang. It’s essential that the candidate has done network programming within Golang or has the knowledge to quickly get into low level concepts. Therefore, a minimum of 2-3 years’ experience with Golang (can be less if it’s a senior developer with previous experience in the technologies mentioned from other languages)
Protobuf. Protobuf is essential to understanding the applications structure.
AWS. Some AWS knowledge is preferred.