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Posted 6 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

Build a Developer Community to collaborate and share work and information among Developers. Maintain and develop shared code, like a React/Typescript implementation of the Company Design System. Support new projects with developer support.

Idea is that this team will work with the Design team and development teams on the React/Typescript based implementation of the Design System. Connecting with the different departments to understand the type of support needed. Creating a plan and working actively to build a developer community within the company.

Work tasks
Support frontline development teams in different parts of the company where they need technical support related to the Design system.
Maintain and support implementation of the Design System together with the design team
Supporting with technical know-how in development of the Design System

Have an eye for design

Top Skills
Our client don’t expect all team members to have experience in all these areas, but they want the areas to be covered by the team as a whole.
Strong interest and drive to collaborate and communicate
Experience in React/Typescript development
Experience in golang development
Experience in contributing to or maintaining Open Source Project
Experience in working with knowledge sharing tools, like writing tech blog articles, holding presentations and workshops, etc.