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Posted 2 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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We imagine that our friends, families, and children are transported in a personal, sustainable, and safe way.
What we build is a self-driving, fully electric, connected, and super safe Volvo Car.
To embody this vision of ours, we will build a new SW platform.
The heart of the platform will be a core computer with the capacity to carry a vast majority of electric control units and applications- a vehicle control unit.

We have taken large and determined steps towards becoming more of a software developing company and where our products give the driver’s a car-experience that improves every day. In our part of the R&D, we code the base software on the Core Computer to refine computational power and to enable successful integration with applications.
Our teams work in an agile manner organized according to SAFe to be able to quickly adjust to changing requirements.

We work with an a-state-of-the-art embedded multiprocessor environment from Nvidia including hypervisors, Linux, QNX, Rust, Robot Framework, and other modern technologies.

We are now looking to increase our capacity in the platform release team with a configuration manager.
The team main responsibility is secure a releasable platform with known quality and content.
This includes coordinating of release activites, tool support and quality assurance; the team also handles configuration management perspective as well as operational release work for branch management and strategies.
The contribution from configuration manger is spitted in two parts, one operational focused and one strategical.

Operational focus hands on release activities, manage branch and commit picking for releases as well as automating the release process. This includes automating API connection between tools such as Artifactory, Confighub, GIT and Jira. You should have solid knowledge about CI/CD systems.

Strategical contribution from configuration manager aim to set a clear subSolution and art strategy and guidelines for ScM best practices, baseline, branching and version handling and traceability. Drive implementation of naming and numbering conventions. Set and track requirements on the node teams and CI/CD environment to support SCM best.

As a person you have strong customer focus, enjoys the possibility to simplify and create better solutions and you love to be part of a team where we take own initiatives and take pride in your own and the team’s deliveries.