Embedded Software Developer

Posted 12 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

In the Safe Vehicle Automation organization, we work in customer-centric product teams within Autonomous drive and Active Safety.
We are now looking for an embedded Software Developer with passion for cars to one of our three Location Based Service teams.
Our three teams main product is Connected Safety that is a system where cars sends warnings to each other for different hazards on the road, such as hazard lights and slippery road.
We have historical most worked with Cloud but will now also start with embedded development.

Job Description
You will work within our DevOps team collaborate with your team and Product Owner to ensure the right functionality is being developed and estimate the size and complexity of the work to be able to plan upcoming sprints. We are working Agile with SAFe as our Agile framework. You will determine and maintain the technical design in our area within the given architectural guidelines. You will define, build, test and deploy the functionality to relevant product maturity levels and support and/or build the automation necessary to build the continuous delivery machine. Additionally, we will give you the opportunity to work in an ever-changing agile way of working where you will be part of empowered product teams that strive for continuous learning and improvement as they build and operate the product the user needs. You will have competent colleagues in the same role with whom you can on a daily basis share and discuss experiences and problems within latest technologies that we use. You will develop and test a lot in car, a Swedish drivers license and joy of driving is mandatory.