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Posted 9 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

Build Update Leader/Front Office for Intro Blocks
At EE Implementation support our mission is to give support to the projects with their test vehicles and rigs within the Physical project build process.
We provide this based on our broad, deep, and solid knowledge both of the traditional and the distributed Electrical system.
This in combination with genuine complete truck and other systems knowledge makes us an outstanding partner in a variety of EEE projects. Mission
The main mission of the role is to provide and secure EE HW related to SW version for project vehicles and rigs in product development at the local site, mainly non-EE trucks. This role is also to act as a communication link between the fleet of trucks (FVV) and the EE development groups in any given project with EE involvement. From a project view, BUL should closely monitor pre-production builds, updates, and rebuilds to secure the interests of the E&EE as well as communicating all issues to the responsible development groups and to make sure that the appropriate actions are taken. The BUL acts only in appointed projects.

Top Skills
Support EE PM, Project Builds Vehicle delivery controllers and EE Implementation Support with information and status regarding project trucks
To give support to project vehicles built in Pilot Plant and be part of forum for quality securement if applicable at local site.
Support builds- rebuilds- and update plans (V&V) with E&EE input to the concerned project
Represent the EE PM and E&EE in Vehicle update meeting (VUM) and Rig update meetings (RUM).
Order E&EE material for project development vehicles and rigs by creating MR (Modification Requests) and LC (Late Change)
To represent E&EE in project related meetings to secure the E&EE material in project builds. Wanted Competencies
Leadership and project management skills
Proven administrative skills, including office tools
Excellent communication skills to enable that correct information is given at the right level
Be capable of working at a high level of proficiency without high levels of supervision
Fluent in written and spoken English / Swedish
Experience from the Automotive industry is a merit
General knowledge in complete truck configuration and application i.e. KOLA variants
Knowledge in vehicle electrical and electronics
Be self-driven, take initiative and have a problem solving mindset with a high degree of flexibility
Questioning and curiosity is critical for the assignment
Average knowledge in component ordering process / tools and AB Volvos PDM systems such as KOLA, EDB, PROTUS and PROSITU