Android system developer

Posted 11 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

We are looking for Consultants with a good knowledge of AOSP Build System / Android Open Source
Experience in using AOSP for building in-car infotainment platform solutions.

Top Skills
– knowledge in the key concepts and components (Android Automotive System UI) 
– knowledge to build an effective Human Machine Interface (HMI) system More details: 
We are looking for someone with a M.Sc in Software Engineering or equivalent experience through years of practice.
You have several years’ experience of Android app development and have good knowledge in Android Java, Kotlin, Android Studio and Python.
You are familiar with modern app architectural patterns (MVP, MVVM, layered architecture, refactoring) as well as having good knowledge of Android testing frameworks (Junit, Espresso, Mockito). 
You have a good understanding of the Android build system and how to create library projects and reuse of resource components on a platform level. Good practices within Android component usage should be second nature to you, such as understanding material design, resource structuring, animations and transitions.
You have good knowledge about the Android Window Manager and how applications use surfaces and windows and finally, you have a good understanding of interaction principles and design language. Furthermore, it is meritorious if you are familiar with working in a Linux environment and with Continuous Integration. Experience in car-ui-lib and with Android runtime resource overlays.
Also experience in AOSP and the AOSP build system is meritorious.