Agile Project Manager

Posted 6 days ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

As an Agile Project Manager, you will be a servant leader responsible for communication interfaces, processes and information for the project organization. You will be the bridge between the automotive waterfall processes and the agile software development processes.

Servant Leader
Project Process Owner
Ensure Agile WoW for development teams and continuous improvement
Project Information Owner
Ensure Confluence (Architecture, process etc) is up to date and easy to understand
Ensure the blockers, progress and status etc is clear, easily available and visualized to all project stakeholders
Communication and interfaces in the project
Sets up and improves the communication paths for project stakeholders
Ensure all project stakeholders are aligned
Ensure all project stakeholders are aware of project blockers
Ensure the blocking party is working on removing the blocker
Organize the joint demo/planning session
Handle supplier communication
Ensure deliveries and provided on time and with the correct content
Responsible for overall project plan

Top Skills
Extensive experience working in an agile software development environment
Experience leading agile software projects
PO/ScM/Dev experience is a plus
Experience working with agile software processes and concepts such as CI/CD
Experience structuring processes, information and organizations
An understanding for the automotive industry
Ability to coach and mentor the people around you
Mandarin is a plus