Product Development Project Manager

Posted 3 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

Product Development Project Manager,
Plan, follow-up and deliver Product Development projects according to agreed scope, budget, time plan and quality.
Interfaces with other Vehicle Development Teams and Technology sub-streams and cross-functional coordination of GTX VDT deliverables with support of engineers in the VDT.

Top Skills
The level of needed competence varies with the complexity and size of the VDT.
The VDT XFTL should be an experienced engineer with the capability to lead technical development. Practical experience
A VDT XFTL should preferably have several years of product development experience, good truck application knowledge, as well as understanding of cross-functional dependencies. Theoretical knowledge
A VDT XFTL should have good technical knowledge of the VDT, and the engineering tools and verification processes/methods relevant for the VDT. A VDT XFTL should also have the ability to plan and support cross-functional work within the area.