Junior Software Engineer

Posted 12 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

Want to drive digital change in automotive?
At Volvo Cars, we are making bold digital visions come true.
We aim to lead in the automotive world by creating a digital ecosystem built around making our customers’ lives less complicated.
Now we are looking for curious, creative people who want to change the world through innovative thinking. Who are you? We’re looking for a someone who loves to code and can see the beauty in well written code.
You should share our belief that manual tests belong in the history books and that anything less than full control and automation of pipeline and environments is a crime.
We value speed above all else, how fast we can deploy and how often we do it are the metrics that matter. You need to have the same mindset to fit in here, and you need to help us push the boundaries of what’s possible.
Do you want to be part of a team that accelerate enterprise mobility, optimize digital experience, and enhance API-based integration capabilities with low-code app development?

What’s the challenge?
We are currently introducing the Neptune DX Software. It helps us to build custom apps based on modular, reusable building blocks, enabling us to create the foundation to transform our digital ecosystem. The current systems in the ecosystem are built in various frameworks like SAP ABAP, Java, Google Polymer and Mainframe which leads to a very diverse UX, requiring intensive user training efforts. Our Agile development approach, using this comprehensive, low-code development platform, aims at boosting our productivity and accelerate business initiatives while offering a great UX interface in our ever-evolving hybrid system landscapes You’ll work according to the Scrum frameworks and belong to a Product Team; 2-week sprints and 12-week PI-increments. However, we’re not religious about it and are constantly evaluating how to work in the best way, applying common sense to ensure as little waste as possible.

Top Skills
Java, HTML5, CSS, Typescript/JavaScript and REACT
Relational database knowledge: write/read SQL, stored procedures What you need to know or learn to excel
Azure devops and Azure Cloud services.
Micro service architecture,
ELK Stack
SQL, Azure SQL Database, Azure Datalake (with Databricks)
Usage of Swagger, APICURIO, APIM Portal (redhat 3scale based)