Embedded Software Application Engineer

Posted 7 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

Truck electrical power management team needs to expand.
We develop hardware and control SW for the electrical power generation, transfer, storage, distribution, and controlling parts.
It is a growing area linked to electrification and energy efficiency. This position targets Electrical system simulation/calculation build-up.
Including input and output handling as well as the electrical calculations, to evaluate concepts, evaluate system behavior, recommend HW and SW to control it.
Target is to be able to test proposed control logic, by doing the needed code as well, so Embedded SW Development, for prototyping or also for production, is a critical part to maximize output.
There is some flexibility between Simulation work and SW development, so the work can somewhat be adjusted towards the competence and the assumed competence growth.
Various scripts will be needed for simulation.
For production code, it is mainly C and C++ that are merits.
A combined interest of electrical components and logic/SW to create customer value is appreciated.