Junior DevOps Infrastructure Developer

Posted 5 months ago by Marita Ellberg
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Job Description

Today we have established process to develop, test, build, version control and deploy an application, but some steps are manual and others need to improve. By introducing a true DevOps environment, we believe we will get a more stable, automated, and efficient throughput from development to delivered application. As a DevOps/Infrastructure Developer, you will be responsible for:



  • Create/maintain/improve builds for projects within manufacturing systems.
  • Continuously work to increase automation of the build process.
  • Assist with knowledge and recommendations when developers needs to setup a build.
  • Convert P2 from obsolete build tool (ant) to modern build tool (maven).



  • Continuously work to increase automation of the deployment process.
  • Automate creation and removal of test servers.
  • Automate import of databases to test servers.
  • Manage Jenkins and other build related servers.
  • Patch production Windows servers.



  • Maintain automated systems to keep them updated and improve performance.
  • Work with developers to achieve final goal of “Hot Deploy”.
  • Continuously investigate and identify processes that may be automated.


Soft skills:

  • Having a curious mindset, Self-driven and eager to learn what is new within the area of DevOps.
  • The ability to collaborate with developers and operations.
  • A humble but confident attitude, with a good understanding of how an automated DevOps environment can improve quality and throughput of developed functionality in developed applications.


Hard skills:

  • Good knowledge in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools like Jenkins
    and similar tools
  • A good understanding of the chain of activities involved from prototyping to application publishing and how the tools used interact
  • Application prototyping, IDE, Source Code Control (Repository), Code Analysis, Code Review and
  • Commit, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Build Automation, Build Artifact, Deploy, Quality Assurance.
  • Docker infrastructure and Kubernetes knowledge.
  • Containers and virtualization of servers knowledge.
  • Understanding of Azure is a plus (not used yet but might be part of future strategy)
  • Coding experience. 
  • Linux and Windows knowledge.