4 x Senior Data Engineer

Posted 12 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

4 Data Engineers for one of our clients in the Banking Industry.

You’ll join DW & Analytics, where we are building the current and future Data and Analytical solutions in Group Finance. You will be responsible for developing and maintaining the data pipelines in our Snowflake based data warehouse.

For increasing the Resilience and data-developers efficiency in the Treasury application (STARS) are we searching 4 new developers, that will focus on aligning the environments, and automating the processes around STARS.

These developers will help achieving the set goals, resulting in STARS minimizing the risks we are having as a result of diverging environments, manual processes, manual non-reuseable settings and testing for each release in STARS.

The project involving these 4 new developers will be focused on achieving the set goals within 2023.

Description of knowledge and experience

1) Process focus

Knowledge CI/CD processes: What works and what do not?
Change management: How can STARS change with our current team? How to get everyone on board?
Setup for documenting and maintaining guidelines: How can we ensure standardization, and get away from importance of individuals knowledge?
Planning setup for test-automation: How do we get everyone on board for this new way of doing things? What is best-practice? What works?
Ensuring compliance with our client
Jira-focus: How do we ensure efficient use of developers time? Ensure that prerequisites are in place before task is started. How do we ensure no waiting/waste-time regarding sprint<->deploy-timeline?
Handovers: Process for getting peer-review, tester to take over a developed task
2) Developing scripts focus

CI/CD automation-scripts knowledge
Programming skills in any language. Preferable Python experience.
Test-automation-scripts knowledge
Using our qtest+Bamboo to setup a lean way of testing and automating testing. Or maybe another approach?
Worked with the processes/development of setup in Atlassian: Bamboo + Bitbucket + Jira or alternatively Jenkins + Git + other Task-management/planning tools.
Database work-process knowledge, SQL.
Server and API experience.
Preferable experience in reuseable testing using synthetic/constructed input-data.
Ensuring almost all settings can be done by a developer. Method/script for
Deployment of environment Agnostic/specific settings