148 Vendor manager

Posted 7 months ago by Daniel Fransson
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Job Description

The team at the customer is responsible for the full life cycle management of the customer’s line consultants globally.
The team is now looking for someone to take on the role as Vendor Manager to help the customer evaluate and improve our supplier strategy and connected processes.

The main responsibilities will be
develop and implement an overall strategy for how to work with suppliers
identify and secure (contract) an attractive supplier base for the customer’s needs globally
Source consultants as well as suppliers to ensure that the team can meet the customer’s growing consultancy demand
Administrative work connected to process improvements and changes
Assist the rest of the team with consultant life cycle management

Example of possible tasks
extract data to analyse current supplier network based on e.g. current business, coverage/reach and performance vs. the customer’s needs
set criteria’s for future suppliers and develop a vetting process
finding the most attractive suppliers across the customer’s current (and future) markets
develop and implement a sustainable business model that is expected to be accepted by suppliers
meeting with and negotiating agreements with suppliers
develop and implement processes for supplier management and regular assessment of supplier performance (i.a. speed, quality, price…)
segmentation and cleaning up of the supplier base

Soft skills
strong drive and results oriented
ability to work very independent in an unchartered territory
analytical and and eye for details
team player
excellent communication skills
dynamic; be able to cope with changes in the scope and priorities
flexible; willingness to work on and support on a diverse set of topics

Top Skills
Have worked with supplier strategy
A analytical mindset
Have experience with supplier or customer management
Strong negotiation skills
Process management skills