Data Science & Analytics Engineer

Posted 10 months ago by Anthon Byberg
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Job Description

As a data engineer the consultant will be working with the complete life cycle of data. First of all, build an understanding of the actual use case we are trying to solve and what data we need. The data needs are broken down to a set of requirements documented in “Data Collection Requirements”. Requirements are then provided to supplier who then perform data collection in specially equipped test vehicles. Once data is collected you will need to analyze, evaluate, select and balance the data set to be sent to annotation suppliers. The consultant will facilitate all aspects of data needs for development of Neural Networks.

Main work tasks
Data facilitator
Bundle data to be sent to annotation company
Review and quality assure annotation results
Provide feedback to annotation company
Establish a good work flow with data annotations
Data selection for annotation

Experience in Automotive communication buses, CAN, Flexray etc

Top Skills
M.Sc in Software Engineering or corresponding relevant experience
Experience in Python language
Experience in working with Git/Gerrit
Experience in Markdown
Experience in Docker
Basic understanding of Neural Nets
Basic experience from working in a Linux environment
Good English skills (written and spoken)
Swedish Driver’s license (B-level)