TopTeam Collaborates with IKEA in Digital Marketing & Communication

In a groundbreaking collaboration, TopTeam are thrilled to announce the expansion of IKEA’s digital marketing and communication team, highlighting the progressive move towards remote work. This initiative, spearheaded by TopTeam, is set to enhance IKEA’s prowess in both internal and external communications, spanning operational to strategic levels.

An Innovative Role in a Global Setting

The newly established role of Digital Marketing & Communication Specialist, a key result of the TopTeam-IKEA partnership, will provide critical support to our diverse teams in Amsterdam, Helsingborg, Malmö, and the UK. Emphasizing TopTeam’s expertise in remote work dynamics, this role is a testament to our commitment to modern workplace solutions.


Under the guidance of TopTeam, the specialist will assist IKEA in:

Developing and executing strategic communication plans, including digital employer branding, and marketing for external tech events and digital recruitments.
Handling operational communication, such as internal communications within different domains, creating short films, organizing monthly communication events, and designing engaging presentations.


About TopTeam

TopTeam, a pioneer in innovative solutions, partners with leading brands like IKEA to revolutionize workplace strategies and communication dynamics. Our commitment to excellence and progressive approaches make us a trusted name in driving transformative change.


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